The Inbox Zero writer’s desk that I am getting for Xmas will be here on December 15. Or *around* that date, anyway. Can’t wait to get it :)nnThe bedroom is all rigged up and ready for the desk to be plopped down in there. I have the speakers on either side of where the desk will go, and then the bamboo shelving unit to the right of the righthand speaker. The chair at the desk/island in the kitchen will be used for the writer’s desk. And for a time, there will not be a chair in the kitchen. This works, for now, but eventually I want to get a dedicated (new) desk for the writer’s desk, and put *this* chair back into the kitchen, where it has served me admirably for 5+ years (even if that included two different kitchens in that time).nnThe kitchen desk/island will have next to nothing on it at any given time – just my wallet + keys and the soon-to-be-gotten pipe rack (if USPS ever decides to deliver it). This is a good thing because it is a stark parallel to how the island looked before, when there was a giant ViewSonic monitor on it + giant gamer mouse pad + over-the-ear headphones + keyboard + half a dozen other little things. Granted, the writer’s desk will now have the laptop, and the (soon-to-be-gotten) 40 inch TV, and the keyboard, and mouse, and all that, but it seems that a dedicated desk against a wall can/should house these things – not an island in the middle of my kitchen of all places! LOL!nnThe “point” of the desk is so I can have one (a desk) if I ever move again (which is surely inevitably at some point), but also, so I can move around the apartment *itself* with different place to write (in front of the window in the bedroom, against the large bedroom wall, or in the living room, etc.). The current “config” will stay as-is for now, though. Not gonna be moving around stuff a whole lot I don’t think.nnSo, definitely looking forward to this change. I cannot say unequivocally that any “tone” in my writing changes when I in a different location (even if it is within my apartment), but I certainly FEEL different when I write stuff out in different locations. Makes it more enjoyable, in many ways.nnThe only other desks I have had before this, were the wooden “drawered” desk that once was in my childhood bedroom (and then inherited when I moved into my first apartment in 2008), and next to the drawers was a tower PC (running Windows XP) that had a CD-ROM that kept opening/closing whenever I bumped into it, which was often because my left leg had to be tucked under me on the (authentic) 1970s Harvest Yellow chair. A cramped spot, indeed. Was a total pain. The *other* desk I had, was an all-glass unit that was wider, and it had a corner shelf thing (also glass) built into it, and even a keyboard shelf in the center (one that would slide out, so the keyboard would take up no desk space).nnBut *this* desk (the one shipping, not the one I am sitting at now), I am going to keep for a *very* long time (both prior desks served their duty well for ~3 years each, too). nnAnd as far as standing desks are concerned: no thank you. I did enough standing and writing when I was at Pevely Pointe apartments (the second time I lived there) when I would stand and write on the iPad Air on the “banister”, or whatever the hell it was, in between the kitchen and living room. nnWhich reminds me, there was a *third* desk in my life at that time, too. A disgusting, particle board, screw-together, weird, plastic piece of junk. I nearly set it on fire when the power supply cord caught on fire on a different tower PC running Linux Mint caught flame, and I hurriedly (and perhaps even foolishly) unplugged it before the flame got out of control. I avoided an electric shock, but it was scary nonetheless.nnI won’t do that this time ;)nnback later

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