I put the desk in the bedroom, in front of the window, as I had planned to do when I first found the desk on Wayfair. And I can say one thing unequivocally: this room needs a lamp! It’s *always* pitch black in here! Just something to bring in *some* light, so it is not so dark/depressing. I was going to snap a photo, of this desk rig, but then thought: “why photograph a darkened room where nothing is distinguishable?”nnBut anyway, in *my* mind, the desk in this location is best suited to be a “*minimal*” setup. Not flanked by speakers, or with a mini amp on the surface, or even anything that brings the MacBook out of “laptop mode” – just the laptop, a cup of coffee, and the tobacco pipe. That’s it! makes perfect sense considering I had to figure out *something* for when I receive the television set for the living room, and the easy chair can’t stay where it is now forever (because it would mean straining my neck to see the TV).nnBut this rig up is something quite nice, I think. makes sense this way. Plus I can look out over the courtyard as I write during the day, as well :)nnA lamp *is* needed, though. Something classy, tacky, timeless.nnBack later

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