I have been informed that the Inbox Zero desk is being ordered tonight. Awesome!nnI just awoke from a nap and am listening to my Black Sabbath’s first album on Tidal, feeling antsy as fuck.nnSeems like the Internet has been on pause for the past couple weeks. Like no one has been putting much up on blogs (from my RSS feed, anyway – R.w.a is still pretty active), and mum seems to be the word for everyone recently.nnEither way, that isn’t very important. People will put up whatever/whenever, and I’ll be there to read it (sometimes).nnWhat I *am* excited about, though, is getting the TV rigged up in the bedroom and digging into *Zelda – Twilight Princess*. It’s a fun game! I also just excited about the desk rig, itself. nnIn the meantime, I set up the Polk Audio speakers *just right* in there (spaced them just the right length so they can accommodate the desk), and I am even utilizing the bamboo “end table”, which I used for a brief time as a [mini music rig]( The bamboo table can act as a component rack, essentially. It will have the NobSound mini amp, the DVD player (which may see *some* use), and the Nintendo Wii. Other things will be added over time, but that is what it there for now.nnBasically, I want the desk to be clear of everything except the display, laptop, keyboard, and mouse. Keeping things simple, as usual.nnFun times, indeed

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