Three key words of how I would describe the late morning/early afternoon of the day. Not a list of writing points for a crime novel, so this entry will come out as less amusing than it is titled.nnI had the tobacco delivered. It arrived a few minutes ago, and I ordered the wrong amount of pipe cleaners – thinking I ordered four packs of cleaners (100 ct, each), but I ordered four **3-packs** of them, so now I have 12 packages of 100-count pipe cleaners. I just kept them all in the USPS box, and put them in the pantry, because I don’t want them billowing out of the kitchen cabinet where I store tobacco gear.nnThe tobacco looks/smells good, too. Normal style VA/Per blend that I usually get, only this blend has cigar leaf in it. So I will go through it slowly, over time. Haven’t smoked any yet.nnAnd voicemails, I left two this morning (and one yesterday) for someone who was going to provide a ride to the grocery store, but she has her voicemail to “auto-answer”, so there is no ringing at all, and I asked if she could call me back soon. Let’s hope she does.nnI also took a couple 100mg Motrin, because I have an odd soreness on my outer-left shin. No idea what is causing that, but it’s there. It’s minor, and not getting worse, but, annoying nonetheless. nnSo, now I hammer text and open an Arizona Half & Half Lemonade/Tea combo. It’s endorsed by Arnold Palmer (a golf player) of all people, and I wonder:nn- does he still play golf?n- was he significant in the lemonade/tea space?n- what were the royalties like in arranging the sponsorship/endorsement of his likeness for these beverages?n- how much of my $1.03 is going to the Palmer Estate?nnI just noticed that this is a “Lite” version of the drink, so I guess Arizona didn’t want me to over-do it on the tea/lemonade consumption. Considerate of them.nnThese are great, though. I get one almost every morning. That, and a 1 Liter of soda. nnThere’s an update for now. More stuff later.nnback soon

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