My Great Nephew’s Xmas gift arrives tomorrow. I will be at the O’Family get together when it gets here, but it should be waiting on my doorstep when I get back home.nnThe “dark forest” wall tapestry has shipped from China (via Etsy) and it will arrive mid-December (because shipping crisis, I suppose). But, I got an e-mail notification that a *second* package from that seller shipped recently, too – so I think they messed up and sent the same thing twice (at least according to the e-mails, that is what happened). Weird.nnAnd speaking of the shipping/supply chain crisis, I am doing my best to order all gifts from *within* the USA for this Xmas. It’s a good thing to do, anyway (shop local, think local, BE a local, after all), but especially a good thing to do if I want my loved one’s gifts to arrives, you know, BEFORE Xmas gets here!nn**a word on web dev, as well**nnI’ve got my work cut out for me, that is for sure. Learning all the nuance/minutiae of setting up a proper git flow and “traditional” development environment ([instead of the half-assed way I have been doing it!]( – it will require time and patience, for sure. But I am looking forward to learning it all. Also glad that after 14 months of proactively pursuing web development stuffs, that I am *actually* doing ish the right way every once in a while, haha.nnIt’s still just me, though. I’m not looking for “build a portfolio” or to become “useful to a team”, or anything like that. What I can do (and *am* doing), I do on my own, for my own sake – to learn, to kill time, to make use of my brain and abilities.nnAnd I’ve mentioned it before, that I am still some saucer-eyed, “true believer” in what the WWW is and can be. I probably always have been since 1994 when I used the Internet for the first time, but *definitely* since 1997 when the family got our first PC. I’ll probably be some “old” in 20 years, trying to build web pages and make cool shit online, when everyone else has moved onto the next thing, then the next thing, then the next thing after that.nnI’m not too keen on the “metaverse”, though, nor am I holding my breath/hedging my bets for social networks (*any* of them) to come to their senses and “do the right thing” and decentralize their service(s) (in fact, I could care less what any of them do). And I don’t need to look forward to the next platform, or concern myself with “web3” (which as [Matt]( has pointed out a few times, is *much* more finance-related than it is an authentic new frontier of technological innovation). Bitcoin, NFT’s, blockchain – yea, they’re here, they’re fine, everything can (and will) co-exist without any major interruption – as long as people recognize the difference between something like “web2” (or even “web1”) and being authentically “in awe” of something because it is an organic change in computer science, and the difference between that and the hype surrounding web3, which is not being “in awe” of a noble breakthrough in anything – just people getting super-pumped about a perceived gold rush in free money.nnI guess what I am saying is, the difference between getting enamored with the breakthroughs in web1/web2 technologies and getting hyped about web3, is the difference between someone cultivating a better way to conduct industrial agriculture, and someone eating at McDonalds.nnBig difference

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