Ordered a cheese ‘za, ate most of it just now (first thing I ate today), and damn, IMO’s has the *best* cheese! They have a combo of three cheese mixed and call it “Provel”, and it is delectable. Mucho gusto!nnNow, I sit and enjoy the sun beams coming in through the sliding glass door, and await any or all of my items to ship that I ordered yesterday. It isn’t a *huge* amount of items, and there are Xmas gifts in there, as well as LL Bean jeans, tobacco, the faux fireplace, a tapestry from Etsy (which will take over a month to get here because it is arriving from China). Didn’t “over” spend in any way, and all bills got paid too, of course – but, I *did* order stuff that I just *wanted* and not too much that was absolutely *needed* – though, I guess the heater and jeans were needed/necessary, but, yea.nnSo, we’ll see what ships and when.nnNot a bad day

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