I feel I have written out and then deleted more blog posts over the past two weeks than those I have published.nnI just, get a couple paragraphs in and think “this is pointless, why would **I** even care about that, let alone someone else?”nnSo, delete them I donn**What’s my mood, lately?**nnI’ve seen people keep lists of “3 things they are grateful for”, and they are supposed to write three things every single day. What a blessing it must be to have such a full and diverse life that they can think of three *separate* things on a daily basis that they even partake in, let alone feel grateful about.nnMe, overall, I suppose I am grateful that I am no longer fighting an ongoing battle with addiction(s). The most recent of them being social media addiction. But I am glad I don’t drink anymore, either. As well as grateful that I don’t use amphetamines anymore (like I did as a teenager). I can also add that I am thankful I do not live in Jefferson County, Missouri anymore – because it is a complete hell hole. Grateful a lot of toxic people have left my life in the past few years (e.g a girl named “B”, another former “best friend” named “G” (formerly “T”), as well most of the maniacs who talked to me at Pevely Pointe Apartments, when I was a resident there).nnBut the most recent thing, quitting socials, the big Grand Daddy of them all (of all addictions, at least in terms of longevity), the thing that plagued me since 2009 – those felt good to finally kick to the curb. I’d actually argue (for myself) that social media (mainly Twitter) didn’t “*plague*” me since 2009, as I had a hell of a (good) time with it up through 2014, and then things started getting negative, and every day became Serious Day(TM) for every single person on there, and the entire process of interaction or even sending Tweets, themselves, became an exercise in impulsiveness and futility. Things got ugly, and I *wanted* to quit (badly) for years before I mustered up the mental fortitude/courage to just leave it all in the dust. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.nnThat’s what I’m grateful for, for now, I guess. And also an idea of where I stand as far as *mood* goes.

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