Had a nap after finishing laundry this morning. And I think I may have only awoke when I did because it was 77F in my apartment. Way too hot for me to sleep. So, I got up, made coffee, opened up the sliding glass door, and now I sit and write. And I am hoping the fresh (cool) air clears up my sinuses some more, because I have had some sort of mucus issue for a couple of weeks now. It could be from anything, and it's doubtful it would be Omicron, because, again, double-vaxxed + boosted, but whatever it is/was, it is starting to clear up now. I know that in the time I've felt nasty/congested that I haven't had the sliding glass door open nearly as much, because it has been too cold out, but today is 35 and sunny (high of 38), and also tomorrow will be even warmer still. So, time to let in some fresh air :)

The coffee is nice, too.

That's all I got for this morning. Back soon.