Oh wow. Thank dog. Thank blog. Thank goodness.nnI just took the eyesore faux fireplace/space heater/wanna-be furnace thing out to the dumpster. Getting it down there was a tad bit of a workout (even though it weighed a mere 40 pounds, if that). But I took it down, and in the dumpster it went πŸ™‚ Of course, it was a completely unnecessary purchase to start with (made during late-Fall of 2021), and now there is a clear opening in the corner of the living room, and I (somehow) feel better about that. It *does* somewhat pertain to the amount of “things” I have in my apartment, but what it *really* does it free up mental “head space”, and kind of liberates what it is I think/see/have to tend to in my life – THAT is what decluttering and minimalism is all about!nnWhat’s the phrase from *Fight Club*? “The shit you own, ends up owning you”. Precisely! And I’ve always known this (even before seeing the movie for the first time in 2001, or whenever it was). Minimalism has always been a kind of personal identifier for me. I just don’t want to live in any other way.nnSo there’s more, I have this 42 inch slab of glass (a television) that gets literally zero(0) use. I have had it since early-January I think (inherited from a family member because nobody else wanted it/needed it), and I have hooked my laptop up to it exactly twice in that time. For maybe 30 minutes each. And I honestly got no benefit from having done so. I will either sell it on CL, or just give it away, or if all else fails, maybe toss it into the dumpster. Ideally, I will just list it on CL (with remote) as a “free if you pick it up” type of item.nnIn fact, that is what I will donnAnyhow, now it is 11:00 PM, on the dot, and I have the AC running, which is having very little effect on the apartment for whatever reason, but I think it is because I have the dishwasher running directly behind me, and the kitchen has taken on a sort of humid feeling to it.nnback soon

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