Alright, I have had my mental headspace gunked up by excessive stuff, things, junk and clutter for the better part of 2 months now, and it is time to go through literally every item I own in this world and see what stays and what goes.

The newest (and biggest) items and objects, I will retain. Those being:

  • the entertainment console
  • the TV on said entertainment console
  • the writer's desk

But, other items are either getting pitched or getting put into storage. Those items being:

  • a spare set of slacks - (pitched)
  • random paperwork/documentation (superfluous in this case)/electronics boxes/old Apple EarPods - (pitched)
  • Polk Audio speakers (+ wires), Jimi Hendrix vinyl record, random compact discs (CD's), Nintendo Wii (+ two games, controllers, accompanying wires) - (put into storage in one large tote)

Another thing I am going to address - decor

I have too much of it. Not that decor(ations) are "bad", I like having a decent-looking living space, but some things are just "too much". Such as the faux fireplace; it is a fine thing to look at, but it is a hefty item, it takes up a fair amount of floor space, and the utility of it is nil, because I never turn on the heating element (even in single-digit temps, I find it unnecessary in 430 sq ft). It can be given to my mother, since she wants to order one eventually anyway, and this will save her the $$$, and also she can have a somewhat warm back (glassed-in) patio when she is out there while having something nice to look at :)

Another thing is the Hieronymous Bosch poster/print. It is a 24x36 monstrosity of a poster (unframed) that is a depiction of his 1600's (1500's?) painting "The Garden Of Earthly Delights", and I am basically just sick of looking at it. That will basically be trashed. Also, the cheapo speaker stands. They cost me ~$50 (six months ago), and yes, they DO hold speakers quite well, but they also take up space, and the speakers are getting stowed away, rendering the stands unnecessary, and they (the stands) are NOT going into storage anytime soon. So to hell with them.

Thinking back in a pseudo 2021 retrospective, I think: what a bunch of dumb, superfluous, wasteful purchases I made this year! I want to make 2022 into a year where I buy as little as I possible can, honestly! I mean, smalltime, necessary, and utilitarian stuff - yea, sure, get those things. Everything else can be ignored, though. Getting stuff JUST to get stuff is preposterous - don't do it!