So, when I return home to my apartment on Sunday (after dogsitting for 24 hours on Saturday night), I will begin the undecorating of my apartment from Xmas decor. And when I do that, I will try to declutter some other items that are otherwise taking up space.nnThe thing that I always come back to, are the speakers. They are an “ok” pair of Polk Audio speakers, but they are unwieldy, and take up hella floor space (as the mounts they are on are even *wider* than the speakers, themselves), and they simply do not get much use at all. I am *much* better off going with a decent soundbar option for the television set, or, not getting *any* external audio components for the TV whatsoever, and just letting the built-in speakers do their job. Of course, I *prefer* headphones, which would amount to me (possibly) getting a gaming amp/DAC, or SOME sort of amp/DAC (outside of the already mentioned Helm BOLT, which I still plan on buying in January).nnBut I am talking about decluttering options here, not audio gear. I need to (finally) put the speakers (+ stands, + cabling) for sale on CL, and sell them all in one fowl swoop and call it a day. nnOther items? I do not know, yet. I am OK with nearly everything else I own, as I get *use* out of nearly everything else I own. Which is good.nnSo, just some thoughts on the matter.nnBack later

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