Part of me, a small (big?) part of me, really wants to keep the speakers I have listed on CL. I assume the person who reached out in regards to them has either had second thoughts, or moved on to a different listing, because I replied immediately, and no response in 1.5 hours. So, I went ahead and de-listed the post from CL.nnI will keep them. I will (eventually) get use from them. All good. And the money element is no big deal right now, anyway. So, it’s all good.nnSo, for me, for now, I am having some coffee after a shower. *Trying* to wake up from a nap I had that I didn’t 100% wake up from, but am not tired in any way, either. Just sort of lacking energy. I think I should take my psych meds at night instead of the morning, as suggested (prescribed) by the psychiatrist. She said “take them at night”, so I will do so from now on (starting tomorrow night).nnBeen overcast all day, and somewhat Winter-like (though not cold, at all). Sunshine is needed. How people manage months of darkness in the Northern hemisphere, I have no clue. Drives me crazy (Winter and darkness does). nnI had plans this past Winter to make **Thanx** an open source project, and sort of do so while I completed the project, itself, but I later scrapped the project entirely, because I had lost passion/drive for it, and it was also my first web dev project I ever took on, and it was fairly novice in nature. Learned a lot, a good experience, but I had other things I wanted, and want, to do. So I will move on to those things, instead.nnSidenote: just got another e-mail response from the CL posting – nn**”what’s the least you will take?”**nnHaha, glad I decided to not sell. nnAnyway, the coffee was good. And in regards to web dev stuff, I am basically just hosting *other* people’s software for now. But other things will pop up, for sure. And of course I have the **init commit** project I am pursuing, but that will take time, indeed.nnback soon

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