I walked to BP just now – misting rain, and a chill to the air, but nothing drastic. Hell, even the kids were outside playing on the playground at the nearby daycare. If the weather is ok for them, it is ok for me. Upon getting into BP, I asked if the debit card reader was working again, he said “yes”, so I went to get a fountain soda from the machine. Out Of Order. So I went and retrieved a Mt Dew Live Wire from the cooler. Upon checkout, the machine did not accept my debit card. And this happened the other day, but it happened to several people in front of me in line, too, so I thought it was a machine error. Today, I tried the chip method of reading the card, four times, and no go each time. He told me the stripe reader would *definitely* not work with a chip-capable card, so we didn’t try that. I told him “sorry” and he said “no sweat”, and off I went. Empty-handed.nnOn the walk back to my apartment, I realized that I still wanted/needed a couple of soda for the day. So I figured I would try my luck at Schnucks a few blocks away. Thinking; “it can’t *possibly* be my debit card – their machine must be screwed up”. So I go to Schnucks, get to checkout, and sure enough, the debit card was not accepted. So I took a “backup” card from my wallet (which I rarely use), and that card read on the chip reader just fine. I now have my sodas (or, one large soda and an Arnold Palmer tea – the best golfer in the world), and off I went back to my apartment.nnAt this point, the mist was just *barely* picking up. And a bit stronger breeze, accompanied by a sharper bite to the chill. And as I was walking home, I approached the crosswalk to cross Gebhardt Road, and back to the entrance to my apartment complex, when I saw a “rough-looking” dude crossing from the other side, and reaching my side of the sidewalk just as I was getting to the crosswalk. I looked closer, and it was Vagabond Bob(!). I had hardly recognized him through the **thick** gray beard, and the lowered military cap. I smiled and nodded, and he said “it’s getting *COLD* out here, I didn’t bring my jacket or nothin’!”, and I said “yea, it’ll be warmer later, though…stay safe!”nnI had not seen Vagabond Bob in well over a year. And I’ve mentioned him in blog posts of the past – in 2016 (when he was a resident of my apartment complex) he asked me if I could give him a ride to St Anthony’s Hospital so he could see a friend admitted there. I let him know that I didn’t have a car, and that I in fact never had a driver’s license (which is true – it makes me a weirdo, but it is true).nnA time after that, he asked me for a light (for a cigarette) outside of BP as he stood near the BP entrance (where he had just exited from), and was opening a 10 (12?) pack of miniature bottles of Fireball whiskey.nnAnd another time (pre-pandemic), in the middle of Winter, I saw him again at BP, and while at the counter he advised me that the M-65 military coat I was wearing (which I bought as a replica, not the real deal) had buttons inside, and that I could get a liner for it at military surplus store further down the road on Telegraph. I said I needed to consider it, because it was one of “those” weather days in Winter, and everything was iced-over/snowed in, and even *walking* to BP that day was a trudge and a journey, and I was honestly surprised to see anyone else in the station that day.nnSo, he seems to be a bit of a fixture on this edge of Oakville. Nice dude, don’t know what his situation is, though.nnAnyway – I need to contact my bank and see how I can replace my debit card ASAP. Because my current card is fxxxed. nnmore updates later

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