So, I bought some real grub for the house this morning. Actual food that has nutrients and calories and genuine flavor - so thank fxxx for that, lol!

In the mix, instant coffee. So I will glad to be back on that trip (instead of the Community Coffee that were grounds that I made "campfire style" (putting grounds straight into boiling water - no filters) - and I am very happy/grateful that I was able to attain such coffee from my neighbor, "S", a very generous man).

Instant has been made/poured. Cooling off now.

The day is bright and getting brighter. High of 77 today, and the clouds are clearing, so, hooray!

I realize that I will need to buy some new pants in the future, as I have gone down a pants size (which is to say two pants sizes - because it's usually a double-digit ordeal with men's pants - so, from size 38 to size 36, for me, this time). But, I will refrain from getting new pants until I see what size I will need when I get to a bit of a lower weight, as I still have weight to lose (ideally, 190 pounds, and am currently at 199 (which I am very proud of and have worked very hard for over a couple of years :))) And the jeans and the "English Laundry" all-purpose pants I own are 38 in waist, and they kinda "bunch up" in the crotch area, because the waistline gets tightened with the military belt I have (which is still going strong after four years, actually), and this is what usually happens when I go down a pants size (or sizes), so...).

Now, it is 11:00 AM, and I have no plans for the day (obviously, of course, what plans could I have in this waste basket of a state of Missouri?). So I just get on through the day and have this coffee, and think ahead to a different time/moment/place/etc. - all the while keeping my wits about me, and my life/mind focused on the Here and Now, and always being present. That's how it is.

back soon