![]( the photo, where all that dirt is, there used to be shrubs. They were 5+ feet tall, full of birds, and bees, and wasps, and other intimidating vermin of danger that would fly out and block one from entering the laundromat. I always “hugged” the wall, and walked quickly to enter the laundromat, and put in the door code as fast as I could, trying to avoid being stung, flapped at, or pelted with insect dive-bombing. nnNow, the landscaping crew that the property hires for weekly maintenance has removed the shrubs. The once-housed birds and stinger-wielding critters of hazard are now homeless. The ground beneath is bare, full of scattered mulch and remnants of discarded “shrub”. nnThe building LOOKS nice from this view. Before, the building # was always blocked off, as well as the “Laundry” sign, so no one knew where to go when they would say “deliver the pizza to building 10, it’s near the laundromat”. It would be like saying “find me where the grass grows, and where the sun shines” – literally anywhere! Making matters worse, is that building 10 doesn’t come up to a parking lot OR road. It has a courtyard on either side of it. Healthcare workers, first responders, postal workers, this was an unreachable property for them. nnThe tyranny of shrub obfuscation has ended. May people be saved, and cared for, and delivered to. nnThat’s all

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