I spent maybe an hour and fifteen minutes reading documentation on the thing(s) I need to be doing to make the "thing" work, in regards to the messaging system on Thanx, and I am done looking at that ish for right now. I'll revisit another time/date.

For now, the Ibuprofen is not working whatsoever, so my tooth is in a fair amount of pain, and I am going to be taking Tylenol, instead, at around 2:00 PM. I also have heartburn for some unknown reason (stress?), but I am going to (hopefully) nip that in the bud with some fruits (namely bananas) that I am going to be picking up in a short while from Schnucks here.

And as far as Right Now, in this exact moment, I am having the last of the double-pressed Kentucky tobacco out of the Rossi pipe, and more or less sitting in the sun rays in my apartment.

Back soon