I watch comedy on YouTube non-stop. Not all day/every day, but 95% of the time when I go to YT now, it's fucking comedy. LOL! It's actually pretty great, but, I should probably watch some other stuff, too. Even if there's funny stuff sprinkled within, I need to actually take some video content consumption a bit more "seriously".

And by the way, YT comedians are fucking hilarious! I could link a few here, but everyone's comedic tastes are different, so, I will let people do as they wish in terms of finding what THEY find to be funny :)

I also considered some other digital clean-ups, as well. I may clear the cache/cookies from Firefox today. It probably takes up over a gig of SSD space, considering I haven't cleared in out in...over a year. Same for mobile.

I'd do the same for YT, but at that point, I'd have better result with just creating an entirely new Google acct, because YT let's someone "pause" their search history, but not "clear" their history (not in-bulk, anyway - just one video, one-by-one). And with all things Google, they delete, erase absolutely nothing at all - it's just that I won't see it (which is relatively pointless).

I might actually "clear out" some writing, too(??). I have some short, 300-word "stories" or maxims on my stored away on the laptop and the external SSD, and I don't want to actually go back and read them, and they are not that great, anyway, so...

Anyway, just squaring some things away

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