day stuff part. 2

I took some stuff that had piled up on a shelf in my pantry down to the donation box in the laundromat - mac n' cheese, canned beans, pasta, tomato sauce/diced tomatoes, etc. as I don't have too much use for that stuff too often. I still have a LOT of those things, so I will replenish the box periodically.

I picked up the Western Union, and when I went to BP after, I got $4 exactly from Neighbor "S" for his pack of cigs, and I broke a $10 and paid that way, and kept the four dollar bills. Now I have exact change for Metro Call-A-Ride tomorrow, t/from IC. Good deal!

I came home, confirmed with my caseworker that she is picking me UP from IC tomorrow, so I actually don't need the other $2 on saying that, haha. That means sister "C" will not need to come out that way.

Then a shower. Now coffee.

I messaged my Primary Doc about leg vein pain (plain Jane) that is in my lower left thigh. It's vein pain I can tell because I have a large vein (or artery?) jutting out (not visibly) from my left thigh, as genetically the veins sit close to the surface in my family. So I am aware of what this type of pain is.

I'll see what the doc says, but also messaged about arthritis meds for my lower back, and they told me to schedule with their NP for that. I will do so soon.

A good workout tonight will be had. Soon.

All the clothes are laid out for IC tomorrow.

Backpack is packed, too


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