I had neglected to do the *deep*, *thorough*, and *necessary* cleaning of the apartment to make it inspection-ready, but, this AM (roughly a half hour ago), I deep cleaned the bathroom top-to-bottom, and also re-cleaned the kitchen, and also put away all my clean clothes (which usually sit at the end of the bed, on the floor) into a hemp tote and stored it away in the closet. And soon, I will take out the trash, and sweep the kitchen floors, and make sure no stone is left unturned ;)nnAnd yes, I have heartburn from all this activity (+ lack of Nexium). So, I am ordering stomach meds from my local pharmacy to be delivered here this afternoon. Gonna try to get them delivered *at* noon, if I can. And sometime soon after that, I will walk to Schnucks and get some mandatory groceries for the apartment.nnBoiling coffee has been made, too. And it is cooling down now.nnback soon

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