...and I am already behind, haha. I was going to do laundry at 6:00 AM, and I woke up around that time, but was so tired that I decided to just go back to sleep. Then, I awoke at 9:00 and realized that I needed food to even have energy to DO laundry today, so I went to Schnucks, bought a few groceries, and am now home sweet home.

I am expecting my tobacco order to arrive in the mail today - just the standard VA/Per tobacco (one pound) and a tin of SG Navy Flake (which is VA/La, I suppose (Virginia and Latakia)). It is a tobacco I have been wanting to try since before I started smoking a pipe, when I was just cruising YouTube and watching videos about the subject, seeing if I wanted to dip my toes into the pipe smoker waters. There was a channel (or is a channel) called "The Humidor" on YouTube that has a video called something like "Andrew Tells You About Pipe Smoking", or something like that, and in it, this gentleman is smoking SG Navy Flake, and he spoke highly of it, so...

He also mentioned Sutliff Vanilla Custard in the video, and I have since tried that - amazing aromatic blend. I think at that time (late-2018), I was mainly watching videos from Matches860, NW Pipesmoker, and 1972 Woodsman, and in the 1972 Woodsman video, he mentioned a bunch of blends in a single video discussing which modern, and attainable blends are comparable to older, more expensive tins. From it, I always wanted to try Hearth & Home White Knight, which I did just a few months back. And also, Capstan Blue (Tolkien's favorite blend), and that was a good smoke as well (which I had in early-2021, I think).

Anyhow, now I am starting dishes, getting some stuff ready for (virtual) therapy at noon, etc. Laundry after that, probably.

Back soon