I woke up around 7:30, had coffee, had breakfast (a single banana), went geocaching (or at least took an exploratory hike near a geocache location), had (virtual) therapy, made dinner (EVOL Mac n' Cheese), wrote some stuff throughout the day - not bad. Tomorrow, me and a couple family members are going to Crusoe's Restaurant (about a block from where I live) to acknowledge the passing of my late-Father (Jan. 20, 2019), and catch up on this and that.

As for me, for the rest of the eve, I have no special plans in store. Friday I will be doing a fairly large grocery shopping trip (more fruit! Win!), and also picking up a couple 5-packs of Bic lighters (long overdue), as well as Bic razors (long overdue, again), and a handful of other doo-dads for around the apartment. Oh, and pipe cleaners, as well - very necessary.

Again, tonight there is nothing in the works. Just writing more ish on the bloggo, probably. :)

back soon