Day 1 of the 40-day quarantine, and the "qlog"

I have a "QUARANTINE LOG" (or, qlog, as I call it) going on Standard Notes, and I have short quips on there, and general notes. The "real" notes I put in the jots/notes file on SN, but other stuff that are sort of reminders for the next 40 days can go in the qlog.

It's 6:00 PM, and I have been sleeping on/off all day, which is nice, because I hadn't been doing so lately (tired, but unable to sleep). I finally said "fuck it" and started to sleep on the floor, because both of my old mattresses are worn to shit. I will have them hauled away by "The Junk King" soon enough.

I also started launder, and hot coffee is here, too.

Got some necessities in the budget for October, too. Necessities in the Fall preparedness category - hemp shoes by Sanuk (Tideline model), a Land's End heather sweater, and I may put a pair of cold weather socks in the mix, too. I just received the Darn Tough socks the other day, and they are awesome, but I need cold weather socks for the coming months. Winter will be here soon enough, and I am less than thrilled about that. I like Fall/Spring/Summer, not Winter, at all.


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