damn, TMO. Try proofreading sometimes, eh?

Sometimes I get ahead of myself in the word jumble of what to write in my head. I write something that comes later and don't even know I am writing it, thinking I had written something else, and then when that "later" comes around, I write it again.

It's comically stupid, but it actually happens sometimes. Writer's Jump, is how I'll refer to it as.

In any regard, I just walked in from Schnucks, and am sipping a Diet Dr Pepper (second one today), and I have a Red Bull cooling in the fridge. Energy drinks - bad for ya. But I have a smol one every now and again (always RB), because they make me feel...chirpy. LMAO!

Phone calls to make tomorrow. Monday will arrive, and the heartbeat of weekday busyness will return, and I always welcome that, because I sometimes feel lethargy on the weekends. I have plenty of time to potentially "do nothing", I don't need a aura of "nothingness" filling the air on the weekends when most people have an opportunity to do so (to do nothing).

I have to confirm with my caseworker that she can take me to/from Independence Center on Aug 1, because there is no way I can arrange the Call-A-Ride paperwork before that time. The psych doc received the sign-off, or whatever, but she hasn't returned it to me (either through snail mail or e-mail). I'll call her (the doc) on Wed if I do not hear back from her, because this isn't a thing I am going to wait around until our next appt to get back. There is a fair amount of urgency with this form. So...

Thursday, therapy. Via Google Duo. And I use Google Duo on the MacBook now, as the MBA actually has a better camera than the Moto G7 Power phone. Mac webcams are notoriously shitty (probably iPads, too), but at least with this method there is some pixel clarity, and I also free up both of my hands for other things I made need to tend to, write down, etc. during the appt. AND, my arm doesn't get tired! :)

And Friday, a grocery store haul. With the caseworker. Which also reminds me (just now, as I wrote that), that I CANNOT call the caseworker tomorrow, because she informed me that she is off work the entire week except for Friday.

This time next Sunday, I will be getting paid (at midnight Sunday, so Monday morning, technically). And I will have the usual bits and bobs to tend to then. The budget stuff I talked about already, so no need to go into that.

back soon

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