I stood in front of the washing machine earlier, which was finishing the Final Spin, which takes longer and longer now (though the apartment complex newsletter said we will get ALL new washers/dryers by the end of July (woot!)), and as I stood there, I was sporting my Xero Shoes sandals. Sockless. And I noticed something on the bottom of my right foot, below the big toe – like I had a small piece of paper there. I lifted my leg, and saw that it was a blister coming off of my foot. It was dried over, calloused. And part of it ripped off, and was sticking out from the side of my foot.nnI knew I had to remedy this in some way, so I changed loads, went home, and examined my foot. The skin below had totally healed up, and the majority of the blister was just a dried callous sitting atop. So I removed it (slowly, carefully), and then examined the rest of my foot (BOTH feet, actually). There was (is) another small blister that has liquid behind it on the end of my right pinky toe. Until the liquid subsides, I will let it remain. The *other* pinky toe had a dried-over blister, and I didn’t want the callous to become permanent, so I slowly removed it. The skin beneath was healed, painless.nnAnother blister formed between my left BIG toe, and the toe next to it (does that toe have a name?), and I went ahead and removed that blister. Painless, healed beneath.nnI also have a somewhat liquidy blister (large) on the back of my left heel, but that will remain until it is dry.nnLuckily, I am healthy. So I am not having a risk of infection, or any large issues. No neuropathy or shit like that with my feet. Non-diabetic, so all is good.nnAnd that does it for the blister story. Hope it wasn’t too gross, and if you braved reading it, blog bless you ;)nnback soon

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