cruising through the flow of optimism

I feel damn nice today. The STLWX is very nice, and the temp maintains at 77 (feels like 70).

I enter my apartment and open a fresh soda. Consider coffee.

2 minutes later

On goes the coffee

A "mortal morning" for me in many ways. Or at least cerebral. I visited Neighbor "S", and we sat in the breezeway, he mentioned his stomach hurting, he said "it's probably serious - I don't know, I don't care", so I ignored his attitude, avoiding empathy to focus on...reality.

So, after his depressive moaning, I came home and smelled the apartment filled with the aroma of fresh cut grass, and crisp air, and I put on a "Taylor R" video on YT. This YouTuber just had a child and is making "post-partum 'mania-esque'" content right now, and that yanked me from the overtones of despair I had to be aparty to just a few moments ago.

The world states "new life" or "ongoing life" or "living" for me. So I oblige. Others elsewhere, begin and end, and we I move "with" it, enjoy most of it.

No more incantations or observations - just flowing with the day. As I hope you all are well :)

back soon

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