But, I make the most of it. And I feel good, too. nnI mentioned on [TMO]( that I have to get a new debit card issues to me, because the chip reader has failed on this card. A pain, for sure. And an inconvenience. But, I will get it replaced *after* all bills are paid on June. 1, because if I try to replace the card now, and the USPS is slow or/and it gets lost in the mail, I am 110% SOL and I will not be able to do anything. Currently, the debit card, itself, is fine. I can use it for online payments (such as bills, and online rent pay), but the chip reader, itself, is fxxxed. So, I will let the chip reader be fxxxed, and use it as usual online, and then get the physical card replaced *after* the funds have essentially dwindled down to near zero (though, a remaining balance will transfer over to the new card, but still…).nnMemorial Day weekend is upon us (this is the Friday for it), so that means BBQ’s and get-togethers, and this and that, and everything else. I’ll be hanging out, and maybe having iced tea on the balcony, and perhaps a daytime pipe. I don’t usually smoke a pipe on the balcony during the day, because all the neighbors instantly think: “is that guy smoking weed? How obscene!” And I generally do not like to draw attention to myself. If people know the context of the scenario, it’s different. But from up above on my balcony, people see pipe and assume “pipe = marijuana”. But, I may get “ballsy” and have a smoke of VA/Per leaf out on the balcony in the sunshine and say “to hell with them”, and let whoever think whatever. It’s possible.nnBack soon

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