So, I started a short story, and it is fairly more difficult to write than a journal entry (for sure). It's about a girl, or something. I mean, it will be "through the eyes" of a girl, but it is about the family, I suppose. In-depth character descriptions, detailed individual mannerisms, personal viewpoints of status and events. I've never done an outline for a book (or a short story), so I have no clue where I am going with it, what comes next, how it plays out, etc.

600+ words written and saved as a draft on Ghost (on this blog, though it will likely turn up elsewhere, as well). I had to stop, though. It was 600 words in, and it took me roughly an hour to get that much down. Manifesting pure fiction is significantly more difficult that just "saying what I think" or believe, or whatever.

I see, and have read, so much "rushed fiction", and narration and descriptors that seem like the person writing it was more inclined to set a words-per-minute record than put down anything even close to interesting. I mean, I don't have to replicate Jane Eyre or anything as incredible as that, but it would be nice to show that care and attention went into what was said, how things played out and were developed, etc.

It's never easy, though. And in the end it could be my own set of arbitrary standards that make it that way. I am writing it "for me" at the end of the day, so I want to write something that I would enjoy reading. Just putting out "a thing" to have "a thing" is not anything I put any stock in - either it's good and I love it and am proud of it, or I can just not take the time to write it. Real honesty there.

I recall the short story I wrote in 2009 called Metro that was in the same vein (narrative and descriptor-wise) and it is a thing I've gone back and edited, improved, made better time and time again over the past 13 years. It can be downloaded here under "Longform Documents", and it's a thing I'm happy with.

The story I am writing now is neither better nor worse than that story - it's just "a good thing" I am making "to have a good thing" :)

back soon