An ode to "Crazy Days and Nights", a blog I used to read. I title this post "crazy days and fries", because I mean it literally - the day has been a bit crazy (psychologically (as per usual)) and I just consumed french fries. Day in the life, eh?

Typical Tuesday here in S St Louis County. The "S" stands for "South", but it may as well stand for Senior, because nearly every resident in this county is 70+ years old. A place where people seem to be born, and just stay. Of course, one would have to drive well past the St Louis Area to have see a better/brighter world, anyway - E St Louis: shit, N St Louis: shit, W St Louis: not shit, but also not affordable, further south (Jefferson County): shit, unless you keep driving past it. Me, I am not "from" S St Louis County, but from near here, in Jefferson County, and that's how I know (unequivocally) that it is a place where people "wind up", not where they go to.

I'm 38, so I can't/don't get along with nearly anyone I see around here - they (South County citizens) are usually people I happen across in the store, and they have mortgages and grandkids and whatever else to get back to, so I just smile, nod, exchange whatever words that need to be said, and move right the hell along.

I'd be good to meet some people my age, so I will likely move in the next year or so. This place isn't "good" for middle-aged people, I don't think. I don't know where I will move to, but it won't be anywhere in the St Louis Area, I do not think.

Anyhow, the fries hit the spot. Now, a soda chases them down. As well as an Edgefield.

That's all, I guess. Back later