My BP (blood pressure) was through the roof earlier, and I attribute this to…IDK – something. But I took Tylenol since then, and had a shower, and have calmed down significantly, so I will have some weak coffee, I suppose. Coffee is not good for BP, but it is seriously the only thing I ever have to drink in the house (besides water), and 99% of the time, it doesn’t “fxxx” with me, so I am hoping I am ok.nnThere was something I was going to write about earlier, but it was so “fast” in my mind, and so beneficial to even acknowledge it, that I rendered it “un-writable” (definitely not a word), and just took solace and peace in the fact that I looked at it, and then moved along – with relative indifference.nnSo anyway, now I migrated to the living room, and cracked open the sliding glass door, and will try to fill the apartment with fresh air.nnThe coffee is ready, but I can already tell that it is not benefiting me. It’s motor oil bitter (I don’t know how Schnucks messed their own coffee up, but I am going back to Folgers the next time I buy some), and it is drying out my mouth, so I am not going to finish it.nnthat’s all I have for now. back soon.

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