Decided I deserve a ‘za for breakfast this morning. None of that Party Pizza, personal pan, small stuff, either – no, a regular sized, Mama Lucia, delicious pizza. So now, I count down until 6:00 AM (3:00 AM currently) until Schnucks opens, and then I will go and get said ‘za (as well as some other things). nnLooking forwardnnWho knows how I will spend the next several hours, though? All bills are paid, Xmas gift for my Great Nephew has been ordered, I ordered the super neat mini electric fireplace/stove (looking forward to that, too), and also a pair of LL Bean jeans that I have been needing for quite some time (I am sick of wearing khaki colored Chinos 24/7 and looking like some sort of office space square, lmao!)nnThat’s it for now, I think. Will update later.

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