I don’t know why, but I really like the idea of owning a cottage. I like American foursquare houses, log cabins, even oldschool AirStream trailers – but, a cottage seems to be the type of dweeling I am most attracted to.nnCoincidentally, the apartment that I rent is in a building that looks like one, BIG, brick cottage (as do all of the apartment buildings in this complex). So, I try to keep that theme going in the apartment interior, as well. Be it the crooked hiking stick in the corner of the living room, or the faux “wood stove” fireplace next to that, or the red plaid blanket draping the easy chair, or the soon-to-be-gotten tapestry of a misty, dark treeline that will go over the faux fireplace – I keep the place “cottage-y”.nnAlso, the square footage lends to this cozy demeanor, as it is only a 430 sq ft apartment, and everything is “quaint” and warm-feeling, to me.nnI like this place, will stick around for a while 🙂

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