I visited the Missouri Meerschaum site (corncobpipe.com) and I found a fairly nice looking pipe that I will order. They have a much better selection there than what they offer on sites like tobaccopipes.com or even The Pipe Nook. I need an affordable poker to "see me through" when I don't have ciggies (even though I can't/won't inhale pipe tobacco - it still gets me the nicotine). So, I will order the cob, and then a bulk order of VA/Per tobacco leaf from tobaccopipes.com, as well as a $0.99 pipe tamper, and some pipe cleaners. Simple stuff.

And that will likely be the only "luxury" purchase I make in April. I have a lot of necessary/survival type of bits and bobs I have to pay for and order. Tidal is kind of a luxury, but my life minus music isn't much of a life - so, a necessity.

Be back soon