This isn't about insomnia (I don't suffer from such at this point in my life), but that IS a reference to the movie Fight Club. No, I am using this phrase because I went ahead and opened the "new randoms" folder that I have saved on the desktop on this computer, which contains a lot of random stuff that I wanted to save over the past several months (blog themes in .zip files, photos I have snapped, lo-fi goofy songs I have recorded via my phone (as in, me singing them), and documentation for doing web development) and I went ahead and imported each thing into their standard folders on the Samsung T7 1TB external SSD. I have seven folders on there, I think, and I keep everything as organized as possible, because I am not letting that external drive get out of control with tons of random shit all over the place.

Took me about three months to collect a mere 20 items that had to be categorized and "filed away". And this "new randoms" folder on the desktop will remain (which now sits empty), because I want to be able to quickly add ish to it for importing later, so I am not fetching the SSD every time I want to save something.

Back soon