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I recently subscribed to the 8bitnews newsletter, which covers a lot of stuff happening in the retro computing/gaming world, and I look forward to a new one every week. In this issue, what caught my eye was the Apple II Documentation Project and how they (or he, or she, whomever) is rounding up documentation, manuals, photos, and other details surrounding early models of Apple computers. They're all just THERE, as a resource, and it's really cool :)

Makes me want to jump into The "init commit" Project soon, which was named that way because it is the "initial commitment" to me building some sort of (retro) writing machine as a personal hardware project. So, TicP will start soon enough, but I will have to source some parts from Craigslist over time, and see exactly what software I will be running on the machine. A lot of possiblities. Endless, almost. Should be tons of fun! :)

And yea, that post will be changed/updated over on (sub)TMO for now, because I have no way of filtering through OLD posts here on Ghost, because I think the filters are fairly tag/category dependent, so I can either start at Newest or Oldest, but anything in between just has to be scrolled for :/ I am not even sure when I wrote that post! LOL! I put it up on (sub)TMO just after that, though, and can edit it on-the-spot there, though. I also have a PDF version of the post on (and backup up locally, too). And a more detailed post on (sub)TMO here, which I just had to dig up through some URL trickery, lmao!

So, I will get both of those on this blog,, and sort of RE-publish them, and tag them appropriately so I can find them again. Haha.

Gonna look into some stuff here soon

back later

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