Nothing terribly remarkable happening in my neck of the woods. I am going to do laundry around 6:00 PM, and then I will have fresh duds to wear, but other than that, nothing too pertinent to attend to. Which sucks, in all honesty, as even the weekends are a drag in these parts. Monday will be more eventful, because there is a person I am waiting to hear back from, and some grocery shopping will get done, as well (a significant amount of things will be bought), and then more bad STLWX moves in, which will likely see my tooth extraction appointment get cancelled (or rescheduled), as there is simply too much distance between me and Hillsboro to cover when the roads are bad, or/and getting worse as the day progresses. I have antibiotics and Motrin, so that is staving off the infection for the former, killing the pain for the latter, and everything will work out in the end.

My mood has been generally ok, as well. The new psych med seems to be taking well, and I take one capsule every night, and it is the only medication I take at night, and the prescription-strength Nexium I take in the AM. Vitamin D supplements get sprinkled in there now and again (when I remember), and now (or for now) an antibiotic. There is another medication that I am supposed to take that is prescribed to me (Lexapro), and I have made it clear to the psychiatrist that I have little interest in taking it, and I haven't done so in nearly 2.5 years, but she still implores me to continue with it, so I essentially just "fib" and say "oh yea, I take it when I need to" or some such thing - but to be honest, she probably just sends out the refills to bill the insurance and isn't terribly concerned with who is taking what (aka the nicotine lozenges which I hardly use, as I simply continue to smoke, mostly). But, Lexapro was good to me when I was terribly anxious most of the time, and sometimes experienced panic attacks (when I still lived in STL), but after a period of time, Lexapro (like the Lamictal which was knowingly discontinued by me and acknowledged as such by my doctor) simply became a "pill to take for the sake of taking a pill", and I don't take anything that isn't actually Life & Death Necessary for me to put into my system. And that is another reason I switched from my old (necessary) psych med to the new (also necessary) one - the old one became "just a pill", and had no effect on me. And the new one actually puts me in a (generally) good/pleasant mood, so that's good :)

And I am not FOR or AGAINST pharmaceutical use (and I, of course, am not a doctor - so never take my advice on such things), but, I sort of think: take something if you need it, and just don't take (or get prescribed) it (a medication) if you don't need it - but if one chooses to take something, take it as directed, and not some haphazard schedule of "when you feel like it". Some people need a med in a low dose, and daily, as some others may need that same medication in a high dose, more than once a day - but not everyone is the same. And the word "need" is highly subjective in this regard, because some people (such as myself) am a wreck (mentally) without a standard psych medication, and am a wreck (physically (digestion-wise)) without a decent anti-acid type of medication. Some can get by with a Ginseng supplement (mentally) and TUMS (digestionally (probably not a word)), and they're fine. So basically, there is no carbon copy "solution" to everything. So, good doctors are important, listen to them (not me), and go with what they say and assert what you are and are not willing to take. Simple.

more later