I kept the contact form brief this time. I sent them a query last month, and there was no response, so I just summarized what was going on, what services I was seeking. nnWho knows if they will respondnnOutside activity is good, though. Outside *social* activity is the best.nnBecause life isn’t all that great these days. I feel bummed out a LOT, I sleep throughout most of the day. Sometimes (digital) socialization happens online, but the interactions are scarce, few and far between.nnAnd IRL I have *actually* no real life friends. None. I have a friend that is a friend from childhood that is busy 24/7 with his kid (he is a single dad), I talk to Neighbor “S” on occasion, who is always antsy to get me out of his hair because he is a loner who has chosen his path in life, to be a 70-year-old daily drinker with no one in his corner. Everyone else I come into passing contact with is nothing more than a “hey” or a handful of sentences about this or that – no “friendship” to speak of.nnMy family are persona non grata, and I am going to keep it that way, because they not only *aren’t* friends, they make it known that they disagree with me. Like me, in general, I don’t “fit” with their crew, their kind, their…whatever they identify with/as.nnAnyway, I hope this place responds to my e-mail/form query. It is called [Independence Center]( and it is down near Forest Park in St Louis Central-Central (or, the middle of the city).nnback soon

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