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But really, the more I hear about "Web3" or even Web (bubble) 2.0, or Web (bubble) 1.0, it makes me think: how many times exactly does lightening strike in one person's lifetime (in terms of economic/cultural shifts that make a significant difference in human life - that kind of lightening strike)? Chances are, it only (really) struck once, and that's with the initial WWW put forward by Tim Berners-Lee way back in 1989 (though not fully adopted until some time after). And everything else that has followed, has been (sometimes, usually) some iteration of that technology. Now, mobile (smart)phones, themselves are a great example of that tech coming into maturity in the decades following (after a boatload of cell tower infrastructure had been built (and billions spent) - going from 3G to 4G LTE to 5G, etc.), but I think the best way we can consolidate what he already have (in terms of the Internet - or even consumer tech, in general) is to focus on what is already here, and what is already in front of us - not Ponzi Schemes.

So, to put it in a "hipster libertarian" way, or, something that a crypto-obsessed armchair economist would understand: the future and the trends that follow are bearish. They are longterm, long haul, and take everything into account - not just what a ticker says about BTC value or anything else on any given day.

Do I know what the Next Big Thing(TM) will be? No of course not - as I have no crystal ball. But, will I ADOPT that tech when it gets here? Will my friends IRL? Will my family? Will elderly people and five year olds? Probably, yes. Like smartphones, or social networks, or the WWW, itself - it will assuredly be a ubiquitous technology that anyone can understand and implement in their day-to-day activities.

If that is a word of discouragement (because you liquidated your credit cards for crypto), I'm sorry, but you've been had.

I hope this doesn't come across as too heartbreaking or negative to anyone - and I know I'm just some old, out-of-date, uncool, aging millennial that's gonna miss the Web3 bandwagon and be left panhandling on the streets of America without a job, or an NFT, or a wallet - but I'll take that over being taken advantage of by the Silicon Valley elite.