The MacBook fans whirred up when I was watching a full-screen video just now. Which happens *every* time I do that. And now I am letting the MacBook rest and cool down. Would be nice if it didn’t do that (I’m WATCHING a video, after all. Not MAKING one!) but I guess nothing is optimized for Intel anymore, so, fxxx me, right?nnAnd the next computer I get; hard to imagine it even BEING a traditional computer. Likely just a large phone, lol! Phones DO wear out/break down after a couple years, but they are cheap as dirt (not that it makes it OK, but it’s tolerable). I mean, I like (in fact *love*) desktop environments, and I dislike using things like iPad OS (though, I’ve only used iOS on the iPad back in the day, but, same difference) – but in terms of efficiency of the/a machine, phones can simple “do more” in terms of flexibility. Not much to think about, no device that heats up, no worrying about keyboard integrity and if a key will fail/break, etc. Phones just sort of WORK. nnJust my thoughts

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