I have therapy tomorrow (Google Duo), and I confirmed that appt via text just now. Probably a few things to talk about, so we will talk about all of them. nnBeen soda-jonesing for a while. I have been without soda for ~3 days, and when I told Neighbor “S” this this morning, he offered to get me a fountain soda from BP, as long as I picked him up a white Gatorade. I happily obliged and walked to BP and got a fountain Mountain Dew and his Gatorade, walked back, then returned home. Tomorrow I should be getting a small loan (from a family member) in the mail, and when that arrives, I can get soda (+ instant coffee!) again. I am doing the cowboy/camp coffee right now, and it seems to be rather dehydrating, in many ways. But soda, that’s the thing I miss :/nnEvening fast approaches. 6:30 now. I will likely make coffee again in a bit.nnback soon

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