Honest to blog, I hadn’t heard *of* the TIN T2 headphones until the blog reader (and correspondent (or, someone I correspond with sometimes)) told me about them. This was about two weeks ago, and after getting that e-mail, I read some stuff online about the T2’s, and all the reviews were fair to favorable, but NOW, I see Z Reviews (a more well-known YouTuber who makes audio gear review videos) say they are the best possible purchase in that price range that he had seen. He said hella stuff, but it seems that I made the right purchase with this pair of IEMs (my first “real” pair of IEMs).nnSo, good deal :)nnI’m pretty sure I am going to order the HELM Bolt in January, too (as I said many times before). The TV and TV stand: I will just go ahead and accept the TV (which is free, and a hand-me-down, that I will be grateful for), and I’ll just get the stand for the thing (the TV), too. Because why not? I’ll at least be able to get in some play time with Twilight Princess (as I have a Nintendo Wii at my apartment + that game and several others). If I could only use the HELM Bolt *with* the TV – now that would be the cat’s pajamas. LOL!nnBack laternn

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