So, I got a friendly e-mail from someone (who I have yet to respond to, but will shortly), about “flat CMS pages”, and then I immediately go another e-mail from someone else about “flat CMS pages” – one recommending (or expressing their interest in) Kirby, the other person suggesting things like Hugo, Jekyll, etc. And I appreciate them reaching outnnBUTnnI am (for fun, for a challenge, and “to have something to do”) making my own blog-type software. I understand “flat CMS pages” do not use a db, and that is good. *And* that they are fast (which is good also). nnSo, let me explain what I am “going for” here (though, I’m not convinced most people will “see” what it is that I am attempting):nnI want a blognnAnd I want that blog to run on my software, a thing *I* built, *by* and *for* me. That means doing a lot of stuff – time-consuming stuff. Stuff that involves learning, and know-how (or *learn*-how, if you will). Installing stuff is straight forward, and I can spin up Jekyll to replace Ghost, or use Pico (which seemed nice), or go with WriteFreely, or whatever – and the point (and I hope no one sees this as me being passively aggressively condescending) is that the blog platform I use is something that I made as a personal “thing-to-do” sort of endeavor. nnWill it take times? nnProbablynnWill I “fail”?nnA distinct possibilitynnIt *is* a thing I have wanted to do for Lord knows how long though, so I gotta do it.nnThanksnnback soon

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