I just heard about the first “public BBS” (or, public Bulletin Board System) operated in San Francisco in 1973, and there is too much (fascinating) detail to share here, so I will [simply link it here]( But essentially, it was a coin-operated teletype computer that sent printed messages to a record store in California, and people could go there and (what seems like) sift through them and look for a specific “memory”.nnThere should be a web service that does this – in fact, *I* thought of some such service (for the Web) a year or so ago inspired by []( (which was linked from [](, that I was going to call “**Thought Dime**”, where people would link their PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, whatever accounts to the service and for a dime (literally $0.10) say whatever they liked in 280 characters (or less). Hell, after I get **Thanx** built up, I may still pursue something like this!nnWould have to limit each account to a dime an hour, though – or, one “thought” an hour, so as to avoid spam.nnReally fxxxing cool concept!

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