I make donations every so often, and at random, to a handful of charities/orgs/non-profits from time to time. I won't name all the stuff I've given to (and I am not try to sound full of myself or anything like that), but it (the financial contribution) generally goes to one of three entities, and I think I am going to add a fourth here, and make it a monthly contribution, instead of random "drops in the bucket" here and there. And again, I won't name the org, but it is a worthy cause, and it is from my old community (near where I used to live), and it helps hella people out, so, I think it's a good thing :)

Anyway, I am sitting here with the day's second cup of coffee, and just relaxing as I await for my ride to show up (which will actually be closer to 2:00).

Feeling good. Gonna be a nice day.

back soon