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A friendo, Ray, mentioned (or asked) if I had considered comments for the blog. So, since Ghost offers a few options - Discus, Discourse, TalkYard, etc. - I figured I would give one a whirl and see how I like it.

I enabled TalkYard comments on here, which is ad-free, and doesn't sell user data, etc. I tested it out here on my last entry on

So this is fun :)

I just had to add the shortcode to the post.hbs file on my "Journal" theme for Ghost, somewhere in the footer, and then re-zip, re-upload, and voila! It's done! :)

People can enter an anymous username/e-mail (without created a TalkYard acct), or if they are frequent commenters, they can just make a TalkYard acct, and use it anywhere TalkYard comments are appearing. Similar to Discus, I'd imagine, though I am not sure because it has been years since I used Discus (I think?).

And really, it'd be easier for someone to just e-mail me from, which IS less work, but it is also MORE formal, which some people may not like.

It's whatever.

Got a haircut a bit ago, too. Cool!

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