I actually left a comment on a YT video just now, the first one I have left in a year, probably. It was in regards to the scene in *Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas* where the lawyer says something to the maid when she is leaving the room (after attempting to kidnap her (which is a pretty funny scene)). He mumbles *something*, and I always wondered what it was, and CC did not help. I *think* he says “Thank God for decent men”, or something like that, but I left a comment on the video to see if anyone could clarify.nnAnd speaking of comments, [Matt Baer]( said he expected to have []( ready to go in December, and I hope he is still on the mark to do that, because it would be an excellent Xmas gift to the W.a Pro users!nnUntil then, people can comment through a form I have on, but I don’t necessarily like doing it that way. Everything I do and say on the Internet (for the most part) occurs on W.a, so it would nice to have R.a for interactions regarding such things.nnAnd speaking of comments/online interaction, I *should* be working on my *own* communication system with the **Thanx** Project, but I have not worked on it in quite a while. I mean, I can SSH into my VPS just fine, so I COULD be working on it (right now, if I wanted to), but I am a lazy slacker, and that is all there is to it :/nnAnyway, more on all that stuff later.

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