So, on [the Snapchatification of this blog](, I will have to gather up some photos for that to be a possibility. I think of the process involved in getting photos onto W.a when on desktop. And it is no big deal to just copy the URL for the photo from when it is already uploaded, but I have to upload every photo individually (or sometimes in a batch) via in the browser on my phone. If I want a photo to be in a particular album, I have to first e-mail it to myself *from* the phone, and then download the photo *from* e-mail, and then upload it *from* the computer and into, and then assign it to an album/gallery. The album/gallery drop-down menu does not work on Firefox for Android, at least not in my experience.nnSo, I will basically just snap some pics, random stuff from anywhere and everywhere, and batch upload them to from Firefox mobile. Generally, eight photos at a time is tolerable on S.a, as I ran into a few issues when I tried 10 or more photos at once when I was writing up [Part 1]( and [Part 2]( of The Montana Excursion.nnBut yea, I will definitely put in an effort to have more photos on here.nnIn the meantime, for now, I am playing voicemail tag with a caseworker to arrange a ride to the doctor for a CT scan for sometimes next week (the lower-abdomen thing, which is probably not a big deal (or I HOPE not)).nnback soon

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