It’s been several months now since the water pressure went down in my apartment building, and the water temperature regulation went along with it – therefore, I have not had cold cold water in my apartment in that time (except for the times I put a Nalgene water bottle in the fridge for a while). I just tested the faucets, and the water pressure (and COLDness) is back! I celebrated by slamming a 16 ounce Nalgene of ice cold water and am refreshed as could be right now. I don’t think humans *just* need water (to be healthy), but they need COLD water (such as that of spring water, or even just good refrigerated bottled water, or hell even cleansed tap water). Why? Because there is something that happens to the body physically when one takes a good, long, healthy drink of ice cold water and not only get the hydration from said water, but also the “chills”, the goosebumps, and biological reaction from having drank COLD water. It almost seems to hydrate more, and makes one FEEL much better.nnI’ve seen countless videos on the benefits of spring water, and I’ve seen people who will drink it exclusively – unfiltered, uncleansed – pure. And they are correct that there *are* more minerals and vitamins, and **natural** occurring elements to spring water than what gets filtered through a tap (usually with a Brita filter, or some charcoal filtration method), or what comes in a plastic bottle. One also runs the risk of getting sick from having had spring water without filtration, but those risks are few and far between when one is “conditioned” to drink spring water on the regular (from what I’ve heard).nnAnyway, I am going to go drink more water 🙂

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