Just had a shower, and finished it with cold water, to heighten the immune system, get the blood flowing, etc. I feel better now. So, I sit in the living room, in the easy chair, and I have hot coffee ready for me, and just feel optimistic about the night :)nnBut I gotta say, I’ll be glad when the holidays are over. I mean it is nice that we are having them, as that is better than NOT having them when we are SUPPOSED to be having them (like last year), but, I will be glad when the obligation is finished.nnWhat’s in store *after* the holiday season? For me, jack shit. LMAO! I get boosted after Xmas, then I get the Revolut Card, then I get a U.S. Passport soon after that (in February), and that be all. So, nothing terribly interesting, to be honest. The living room will kinda/sorta get a makeover, and that is it. A tattoo after my tax return, I plan on doing that, as well.nnSo, just sort of going slow. Keeping things in perspective. Living “intentionally” (or, I *try* to at times).nnAll is goodnnback soon

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