Just poured hot coffee, on a cold morning, and the sun is rising, and it will *stay* sunny all day, and that is all that I could ask for :)nnI have the P Family Xmas today, going to a restaurant called Frankie G’s, and then to the ‘rents house for dessert, like we do almost every year. Or, every year for the past 10 years except for *last* year, when everyone was in quarantine because of COVID. In fact, even Xmas Day was nothing more than a large Zoom call with the family last year – everyone at their respective homes. Definitely sucked. nnAnd speaking of things sucking (lol), I may be experiencing some side effects from the COVID booster shot in about a week and a half, because that is when I am going to be getting it at Schnucks. I mean, a sore arm is to be expected (like as what happened with each shot of Moderna), but it’s possible I get legit sick. And I don’t know if I am at a “high” risk of getting sick from a booster, because I DID have COVID (I am nearly 100% sure) back in August, so, I will have to wait and see.nnThis is *so* pleasant sitting in front of the window as I write with the sunrise 🙂 I have the blinds cracked open *juuust* a bit, and I can see the full blue sky, and a bit of the parking lot, and the (few) leaves on the tree outside my apartment. Everything is nice.nnBe back soon!

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