Torrential downpour here in S St Louis County. And it is a warm(-ish) rain, too (56 degrees). AKA the *best* weather (so long as the humidity stays in-check). And I am making Folgers instant coffee, and writing out BS in the living room with the sliding glass door open – absorbing the ambiance of the evening. nnI took the second antibiotic of the evening, which was *another* Amoxicillin (sp?) capsule, as I have to take them once every eight hours. And also, I have not taken any Motrin *or* Tylenol today, so I think the antibiotics are doing their job (of killing the infection).nnI sort of feel like I am “indoor camping” this evening. Similar to how I felt when I woke up on October 1, 2014 in Midtown St Louis. I had just spent the first night in my 300 sq ft studio apartment, and I had the two windows opened all the way up, and the ceiling fan going at full-speed, and the mist from the morning rain was creeping in through the window screen above my head, as I lay on the mattress on the floor. An incredible sensation when I awoke and decided to write out a blog post using no photos, and no other media besides written text on It was about how I *felt* waking up in such an environment. How I *always* wanted to be “indoor camping” (unless I was legitimately *outdoor* camping”).nnI don’t try to “recreate” that morning (ever, as it was simply *that* morning), but, I **do** re-live the ambiance of the situation, and I **do** write out a lot of text-only posts on a regular basis (as they have never truly stopped *since* that morning). nnNow, I indulge in the coffee, listen to the wind howl, and let nature and time move through me as I ruminate in being a part of it.nnNice

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